I don’t like journals.

It seems that for most of my life, I’ve been told that I should keep some sort of journal, whether of poetry, what I read in my Bible every day, or just the happenings of my day.

It seems that for most of my life, keeping a journal has looked somewhat attractive since I am a sort of writer, and I love to reflect on my life and what I see happen in the world around me. Most of all, I want to remember. I honestly do. I know that sometimes it may seem like I don’t care, but I do, I just can hardly find a chance to stop moving forward I guess…

It seems that for most of my life, I’ve decided not to keep a journal. I guess that my biggest problem is that it feels like running to me. Like I’m hiding something, like I’m scared to let people in; I don’t want to beΒ like that. So, I have a blog now. I hope that some of my trials, struggles, musings, poetry, lyrics, music, stories and random observations lend you something.

This blog isn’t about me. It’s about inspiring you and then empowering you to go out and enrich as many lives as you possibly can in the ways you’ve been designed to do so. But before that happens, I want you to see and meet Jesus in my words. There can be no lasting change for any of us without Him.Β Not now, and not ever.

Take my words and turn them into wisdom.

Take my struggles and turn them into strength.

Take my failures and build your success.

Take my hopes, and make them our reality.

This is the next page in the legacy of Michael Daniel Lee and the continuing story of every man or woman who has left a legacy of faithfulness for me to pursue.

This is the first page of my blog. Now in the words of Sora in Kingdom Hearts 2:

We'll go together.

We’ll go together.

Any thoughts?

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