Voices in my Head

Countries have rushed to war after their leaders hearing God speaking to them.

Missionaries have come to seemingly foolish deaths trusting and pursuing God’s will.

Prophecies given by respected men and women have fallen through.

Friends of mine have listened keenly and closely to God, to find that there are times where He seems to contradict Himself in a matter of hours, only to find that neither course of action could have actually worked.

Faithful men and women have stood in faith and absolute assurance that God has sent confirmation after confirmation of what He had already spoken only to find that it never comes to be.

Whether it be through music, nature, a sermon, a word of encouragement, a movie, a thought that came from nowhere, a powerful conversation, a prayer, or a sudden revelation of whatever sort; hearing God speak can be an incredible experience. The flip side? Sometimes, it’s not Him, or so it would seem. Sometimes even after everything lines up with scripture, several wise people have affirmed it, and we keep finding confirmation, it seems that we made it all up…

How can we know the difference? We can always wait and see, but surely there’s other ways to save ourselves from looking foolish for placing faith in lies. Any thoughts?

Any thoughts?

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