Scars, Strength, and Silence

Scars, Strength, and Silence

People always say that I’m the strong, silent type

Like true strength has nothing to say and only acts

Fact is, that’s just weak communication

If we say silence is strong, then speaking must be weak

But, I think if our nation used more words, we wouldn’t be in 3 wars

And don’t call me deep when I speak

If you took more time to think, we’d probably be saying the same things

And I’m sorry if I sound mean, but I have feelings too

And lately, I want the chance to be human like you

People always say that I’m the strong, silent type

But I wish they could see the truth

Silence ain’t a painless vacuum

I suffer too

When people think you’re wise, they’ll wear a disguise

Hoping you’re blind to what’s genuine cause you only see through your eyes

Sympathizing with you for enough time to get close enough to use your flaws to make you look mindless

Like SURPRISE! You’re human and now they’ve proved it to the world!

But you already knew it, you just hoped that they’d love you through it…

I’m learning that few people do.

You’ve gotta choose friends carefully.

I’ve learned that when you have rank

Women will say whatever they can to lead you astray;

Take your compassion and transparency for personal gain

And it ain’t until she’s taken your strength and shaved your hair

When you look in her eyes and realize Delilah never cared

Ensnared by your own arrogance and by her charm

Staring in disbelief as she snakes her way into another man’s arms

You wanna say something to warn him but you know it ain’t your place

Besides, you’d ignore that advice if you traded places

Just wait, he’ll learn the hard way:

If you lie with a viper, she’ll bite ya;

I’ve still got the scars, they’re a constant reminder

And everyone wonders why I’m so quiet

Like keeping to myself hasn’t saved my life more than a few times

Sometimes, I wish I could just step aside and let you see the triggered landmines on the road behind me

Honestly, I’m surprised I’m not dead

But God never said I could cruise control to Canaan

Now I know what Fiasco meant in “Letting Go”

Feels like I’m runnin out of soul

Getting low on gas

Contemplating packing my bags and going back to a place I know ain’t home

Just because it’s comfortable and I can make it with no obstacles

My greatest fear is to go out like Moses,

Forty years of wandering and nothing to show for it;

I can’t afford it/ but don’t wanna forfeit the promise

Lord, make the scars worth it!

And I know I’m far from perfect, but still it hurts when you make me feel worthless.

Sometimes, I’m just afraid to be heard.

Afraid that you’ll figure out I’m ignorant

Afraid that when I speak, it won’t be relevant, and you’ll conclude I’m not intelligent

Or that my expression will lead to you rejecting me

Whether it’s dialogue or poetry, pouring out my soul leaves me more open to harm than carrying lightning rod in a storm.

So why do I take the risk?

Because I need it to live.

I need it to live like the sunlight that powers plants, but can cause skin cancer

Like a spark that starts a fire to keep you warm or burns down a forest

A baby bird doesn’t think when it spreads its wings and leaves its nest, it’s an instinct

I mean, who would read Edgar Allan P. if he wasn’t on the brink of insanity?

You’re kidding if the answer ain’t a given

It’s making a sacrifice like Luke 9:23 and the verse following

Like how Christ dying changed the rest of history

I want every one of my words to live like that!

People always seem to think that I’m the strong, silent type

But I pray that one day, all of you will look that silence in the eyes and recognize your own pain

And remind you that we’re the same.

Find that frightened child inside me, take his hand, and help him become a man.

And since I know you’re hurting too,

I’ll do the same for you.

10 responses to “Scars, Strength, and Silence

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  2. “Sympathizing with you for enough time to get close enough to use your flaws to make you look mindless”

    “My greatest fear is to go out like Moses,
    Forty years of wandering and nothing to show for it;”

    “I mean, who would read Edgar Allan P. if he wasn’t on the brink of insanity?”

    I think my face is happy!

  3. It takes great courage to pour your soul onto the page . . . yet even greater, a selfless heart to show another they’re not alone. This gift will always return itself as seedlings from the flower. I am inspired.

    • Such a poignant response,Miss Salady. I’m happy to have another companion in expression, and even more overjoyed to have added a spark of inspiration to your week! Thank you for taking the time to take this journey through life and poetry with me!

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    • divine writing……

      Invite you to join poets rally week 42, awards are given to first time participants.

      You will love the encouragements you get once you are in and make commitment.

      Love your blog and writing style.

      You Rock!

      hope to see you in.

  5. There is a lot to glean here, because i am a brief man i will say i see “Rurouni Kenshin” he has the scares of war, battle, and mistakes. he also carried regret that X on his face, there is a shame. Rurouni Kenshin had a heart for change in my word to bring a “testimony” to the world…. that whats important, whats important is that Samson brought the walls down, to send a message to the world of the Great God we serve, what was important that Joshua and calib came out. so im not a poet ( yet) but lets just start to heal my brother.

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