Becoming a Bruce Lee

I read a post at Desiring God, the blog of a pastor I love named John Piper, called: a few days ago and this paragraph in particular stood out to me:

I never particularly liked Jesus’ Passion. We needed it for salvation, but it wasn’t something you studied or meditated on. It was something you got through, like a trip to the dentist. That is until God took me through some prolonged suffering, and I began to read the Passion accounts through the lens of his love. What was Jesus like as a person during his Passion? How did he relate to people? As I immersed myself in his Passion, I was stunned. For instance at Jesus’ seizure at Gethsemane in the space of a few minutes, Jesus protects his disciples, reaches out to Judas, offers himself, rebukes Peter, heals Malchus’s ear, rebukes the priests, in short, deflates a tense situation. He is a Bruce Lee of love. He is anything but silent and passive.

My heart jumped and swelled with desire as I read this passage. I’ve slowly been learning that I do one of two things when I get to share the Gospel with people: I either do it defensively (which makes my effort nothing more than a shy attack), or I boldly attack (which has a great and oftentimes unnecessary risk of offending people).

Ex. The other night, I was taking a walk by myself around 11 o’clock, when I came by a house in our neighborhood that was recently rented out. 3 guys were sitting on the porch as I strolled by, and one of them very explicitly asked if I knew where to get some weed.

My response,”Nah bruh. I don’t really smoke man, I stay too busy to get caught up in that. It’s cool if you wanna chill or something, but it ain’t for me.” Why’d I say that? Because I was being defensive and not wanting to offend him (which probably came off sounding more timidly arrogant than anything). This article, along with a good talk with one of my friends challenged me to do some thing different.

Jesus wouldn’t have handled that situation that way, in a situation where he had every reason to be timid and defensive, he was on the offensive, looking for every opportunity to love- not to defend himself. Like it was stated above, “He is a Bruce Lee of love. He is anything but silent and passive.” There are a number of ways I could have responded more like Jesus, but where does it all start?

It starts in looking to love them; not looking to defend myself. (In case nobody caught it, that’s exactly the same mistake I’ve been making in all these other relationship examples I’ve been giving over these few months). Please pray for me as I strive to do that.

Any thoughts?

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