Just a little piece of my heARTbeat.

Sometimes I just want to put a little cool something on here like every day, but I’m kind of scared that the more I push myself to post, the less meaningful each post will be. So in the midst of my draft box full of extended-length SUPER blogs, (some of which I’ve been tinkering with for months now) I’ll start posting some things that just really grab me throughout the week that I don’t have to write a lot about, or that facebook and twitter posts just can’t do proper justice to.

This is a video I just happened to stumble upon because Zee Avi, a Malaysian singer/songwriter I’m in love with, posted it on her twitter some weeks back. It’s long (about 20 minutes), but it’s a powerful example of just how powerful art is, and how we can use it to change the world.

This kind of stuff stirs me deeply because I really want to do it. I want to see my art empower people like that, I want humanity to be so clearly and beautifully reflected in my art, I want it to unify people, I want it to make us see ourselves differently, and I want it to change us. But I want to take the next step too, I want people to see the face of God in what I do. I want them to recognize His beauty, I want them to become comfortable with His justice, I want them to fall in love with His wisdom, I want them to be overwhelmed by His love! I want them toΒ WANT Him.

I believe that there should be one of two main goals in any given work of Christian art:

To accurately display the character of God.


To genuinely portray what it means to be human.

3 responses to “Just a little piece of my heARTbeat.

  1. I LOVE the ones they did in India, that used the dirt to make the images reveal themselves! And the train that has the eyes driving by the faces on the hill. His art is so cool! I love it.

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