My Love Letter to Yours (a few words about Your Word)


Read at your own discretion.

So you’ve still decided to read this poem? Let me first share my heart and intent in writing and sharing it:

Yesterday afternoon, after getting home from church, I attended a leadership meeting for our church plant at home. Β At one part of the meeting, we spent several minutes in prayer and as we prayed, I was overcome with a sudden realization of God’s love for me! As I started flipping through my Bible and finding passages that spoke of His love for me, I was compelled to write! Immediately, I decided that I didn’t want to fall into my usual mistake: speaking in a way that most people I know just can’t relate to. I’m very intellectual and especially so when I talk about God’s Word. When I communicate that way, I’m not able to connect with people well. I want my art to move people and change their perceptions, especially of God; so I wrote a poem about loving God’s Word (a la Psalm 119) in a way that people my age could better understand.

It was not my desire to push the limit for kicks, be nasty, shock, or offend anyone. I recited it to 3 people on separate occasions today (all saved and around my age) and they were overwhelmingly approving of it, so I didn’t think twice about posting it. I’m honestly sorry if it displeased you. I deleted the link to it on facebook and edited the post so that on the front page of my blog, you would only see the Mature Content warning. I even flagged my own post as “mature” using the option at the top of this page to prevent as many unprepared eyes as possible from reading any further. At this point however, I will not erase the poem. I’m still very much open to dialogue, whether it be here, on my facebook or twitter account, or through my email at

Thank you for your understanding and thank you to everyone who has respectfully confronted me, your input is valuable and I encourage you to do the same if you ever feel that I’m out of line again, I respect each of you. I hope that my poetry is still able to bless and inspire the rest of you. And now, without further ado…

You love me.

You love me, and I love the way You do it.

Even the way You look at me sends sparks up my spine

And as my eyes pour over every line of Your body, I realize that no matter how many times you lay yourself bare before me

You’ll never get boring

You’re so beautiful that just the view of You entices me to lose myself and find it between those sheets where you wait for me

I’m overjoyed as You open up

Completely overwhelmed by my need to please You

Hoping that even every touch of my fingers brings You deep satisfaction from me and that every time I go in,

My heart melts and blends with Yours; so that when I rise, the people outside start to recognize Your love in my eyes

And so my face can carry the afterglow for days at a time.

If they ask, I’ll just say that I spent the night with You.

Is that alright?

Maybe that’s a little TMI, but why should I hide it?

The way You love me has truly changed my life!

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