I understand you, Harold Camping.

You’re just like me.

We both believe that when God speaks to us

The only right response is obedience

And that even when it doesn’t make complete sense

We’ve gotta weigh our minds against His

That’s how He tells us to live, isn’t it?

Seems other people aren’t so supportive

But I feel you; that’s why I steel my mind too

We’re filled with faith, fortified by the few who take our sides

But that’s why we fell, we didn’t listen

But we would’ve failed if we had.

At least that’s how we feel

I feel you

That’s why we still believe

I feel you, Harold Camping

Heartbroken and falling apart

But when you’ve got words from God, you’ve got to press on regardless

Just cause we don’t completely comprehend it

Don’t mean our stories have ended

I understand you Harold Camping.

When do we know that we’ve gotta let go though?

At what point can we stand before God 100% sure we are wrong and not hear Him call us on our lack of faith?

And what if waiting means watching our lives pass us by?

Would the reward be worth the sacrifice if we ARE right?

Do we have any right to question God like that?

Mr. Camping, it seems that we’re quite alike.

Here’s to the hope that you and I can find the answers we desire.

8 responses to “I understand you, Harold Camping.

  1. I think I understand what you are saying. We must follow God by understanding him the best we can. If we misunderstand him, at least we attempted to follow him, and that’s what God cares about. I dig this.

    • Haha, he was definitely VERY wrong and most logical people could unquestionably tell you that before it even happened. He may be crazy, but I wouldn’t say that he is exceptionally more so than any of us are.

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