About 3 weeks ago, I was asked to write a spoken word poem for our Unleashed Conference at Mountain View Community Church this weekend. Knowing my propensity for procrastination I started it immediately, but still found myself throwing out most of the poem the morning before the conference and rewriting all day, and then spending the evening memorizing it. (That’s on top of attending an open mic for several hours that night too!) Some way or another (I like to call it grace!) by Saturday morning when I hit the stage at 9:15, the entire thing was not only memorized but was written, rehearsed, and performed well enough to be held up by screaming and applause twice in the middle of the poem, and again at the end. That was a great feeling, I can’t even lie, but as amazing as it did feel, I had to wonder, was that enough to change anyone’s lives?

Recently someone asked what UNLEASHED meant to me andΒ I laughed,

I said it’s like being down by 2 with 5 seconds left to tie

Or seeing your crush walk by and thinking what the best way to say “Hi” is

Or hearing that you’re the best guy they hired, but if you’re late one more time, you’re fired!

It’s ice-hot adrenaline flying through your veins or,

Taking fate by the reins and making it your slave!

Or better yet,


It’s dropping the ball before you can take the shot

Spending all that time in thought and saying something dumb or

Losing your job cause you slept through your alarm clock

And shrugging it off like

It’s all good!

God’s got it under control!


But if you’re not there yet

You’re not alone.

Welcome home.

Lots of us would go back if we could, but we can’t.

Stuck instead replaying it day after day in our heads

But you can bet on your grave it ain’t gotta stay that way!

We can break those chains by

Using new life

To equally accept success and hardship

To emerge dominantly!


I don’t think you heard me.


We can break those chains by



Life to



Success and

Hardship to



That’s what UNLEASHED means to me.


It’s turning a thousand missed shots into 6 championships

Or a botched first impression into a long-lasting marriage

Exchanging a lost job for a dream career!

If you wanna reap joy, you’ve gotta sow tears

That’s what being UNLEASHED is.

This is the time to be it.

So be it.

This weekend just might change your life.

So don’t sleep, kid…

Don’t sleep.

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