Labor Pains and New Life (by Jenelle Lemons)

Jenelle Lemons is a phenomenal woman (and Pastor Cameron’s wife!) and has, after sharing a recent entry from her journal this morning, made it available (as per my request) to be posted publicly here for the purpose of giving you a peek into the lives of those in and around Lakeside Community House.

  • This week I talked with two ladies about poverty & how they have had to steal before in order to have food to feed their kids and how one of them just got their lights turned back on.
  • This week  we gave another gas card out to a man named Ron who is a Christian w/ a job, he just needs to get gas to get to the job. God used him to bless me ministering to me with words of encouragement.
  • This week we had code enforcement called on us (for the 2nd time!) this time with the complaint that we are a “church and a DAYCARE” in a residential neighborhood ! Kind of neat, it shows how many kids are coming each week to our study and leadership mtg.
  • This week  went to see the play Paradise Lost for free- Mike, Joey, & Randy came w/ Cam & I and handed out V.I.P. tickets and “Gilt City” tickets to earn ourselves some sweet tickets. We ate Chipotle and worked well during the rush together.
  • This week Joey was apprehended by the cops because they suspected him for some break-ins- They threw him against the cop car, patted him down & handcuffed him and had him sit in the car for 1/2 hour for no other reason than he looked suspicious.
  • This week  Multiple members of our house (after much fasting and praying!) found reconciliation in relationships.
  • This week  Frenchie (after an arduous, 3 yr process) began courting Aleesha.
  • This week I had a wonderful discipleship time with Andrea, Janice, Tiffany, and Lisa over coffee and free Starbucks pastries (from Tiffany!) at 5:45 am!
  • This week our pumpkins in our garden are ready to pick.
  • This week  our local drug dealer hung out while we tried to help him charge his phone (with his shirt off and his “joy stick” tattoo in his lower abdomen!)
  • This week  Papa went into Hospice care since he has stopped eating.
  • This week  GOD is teaching me that my happiness is actually really important to him.
  • This week  we had a PACKED Thurs. group with 18 kids… we needed 5 adult workers!
  • This week we were able to give a food card to a woman with 4 kids who has been worked by the system.
(The following was added this afternoon so that we could include one last entry.)
  • This week the members of our community house all sat together at 6am, and after months of labor pains found a new season birthed in our midst.  We plowed through our issues, made sure one another’s needs were being met, repented, forgave, and gathered together to partake in the Lord’s Supper.  It was so simple.  It was extraordinary.  As we took communion this morning I couldn’t help but sit in awe over the broken body of Christ being the unifying force of this morning.  He was split open and we experienced wholeness.  It was the most powerful communion I have ever participated in.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            This week Lake Elsinore’s  King gained some of his territory back.

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