The Difference Between a Boy and Girl

True story. An illustration of the two sides of a friendship between two broken people with a touch of romance. Maybe you can relate?

She says:

Potentially I see-

Wait! I can’t chase that thought

I can’t stay chaste if I make him my focus

If he spends too much time in my mind- No! I won’t make another soul tie!

I don’t like you.

I’ll try to pray it away

Can’t help but feel you’re the answer

Your faith, love for education, the way you look at kids, and sanctify me is amazing

Some days you seem like more than I could hope for,

Then there’s the arrogance, silence, and insensitive words, laziness, thoughtlessness, and unnecessary wars

Somedays, it’s more than I bargained for

Like I’m your experiment, stuck in a maze, I hate you sometimes!

But I trust you.

but you won’t let me

The door is open, why won’t you go in?

Be my friend.

I admire that you’re trying to protect me

But my hearts already guarded, God won’t let me fall

Yet, your words still really hurt me

I’m not sure if it’s worth being your friend

I care too much about how this could end

Potentially I see…

A sanctifying relationship

I can only be heartbroke if I hope for more.

And yet, I’m still hurt…


He says:

I see opportunity.

Honestly there is a lot in common between us

Jesus, teaching, way of thinking and speaking, complementary personalities

Recipe for quick defeat

Pretty girls make graves; I’ve already been this way

Emotion takes things way out of proportion

Love is an ocean and don’t dry up in a day

Still they can say “I loved you yesterday”

Ain’t playing that game again

Ask questions, keep you distant, keep you guessing; question your motives?

Not quite, just challenge them.

I can be a jerk, sure.

I need to.

I need to see where you’re coming from

Cuz you need to see where you’re coming from

I know you do, but truth is sometimes we miss our own deepest motives

That’s why we need community.

I’m trying to see what you can’t quite tell me

No, I don’t know or see it all

But from where I stand, I can see your heart

I’m not alarmed, but the circumstance demands that I be on guard for my sake and yours

You honestly want friendship, but your feelings don’t quite match it

Not trying to manipulate me, I can see you mean it

I just wish that God didn’t make it so complicated

I can’t quite say what, but something from your head to heart is off…

So I’ve got to be cautious until I can tell what

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