You Humble Me

I used to think that I had it all under control

That I had come somewhat close to mastering the art of communicating

That what I said was exactly what I intended and that when others were offended,

The fault was in them and they were just feeling convicted,

But no one has ever looked me straight in the face and so timidly and boldly told me I’m wrong.

No sense of pride or anger for me to engage in debate with,

Just an opportunity for an open-ended conversation

What am I supposed to say?

My brain has to ask why I’m always wrong with you

And honestly, it probably is not just with you

I might have been doing this for my entire life

Scratch that, I’m sure that I have

You can’t have been the first to say it either,

I think I haven’t been listening well,

so this lesson in humility can only be blamed on myself.

I hate how it feels, but I still have to say, thank you for telling me.

Any thoughts?

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