If I had to choose one word
to sum up all the things in the world
that are beautiful and truthful,
just and pure,
it would be sexy.
I’d say sexy like it was more than the obscene and raunchy things most people make it to be
It would be the perfect word to praise how the right combination of warm sun rays and the sound of waves washing over the beach can lull you softly to sleep
And as the rain would serenade us with its Miles Davis intricate melodies on our window panes, we’d name it’s song “Sexy”
Sexy is righteous sacrifice, something sublimely Christlike, like learning to be mighty yet meek
Or trying to describe how liberty sounds
Through a saxophone mouthpiece
I swear, she even sings when she speaks
So sometimes, you’ve gotta stop and listen carefully
But you gotta be quick to catch it
Cause you might only see it in flashes
Like last second Hail Mary passes with prayers attached
or catching a glimpse at her from the corner of your eye as she goes by
Or sensing a slight change in the air before you’re even aware she’s there
Sexy has a strong mind and arms to think hard and work smart
And can handle hardship like it’s no problem
I bet she’d make a great mom
The calm center in a swirling storm of tempers using a single sentence to silence it
Gracefully creating a climate of contentment where every tear cried dries quick
There’s something in that smile that chases them right off of a child’s face and leaves him at complete ease
Don’t act like that’s only sexy to me!
Sexy like Proverbs 31, she laughs at the future and the time to come
That’s virtue worth more than rubies
True beauty
Gold medals, when the dust from years of training settles
Like Michael Phelps,
did you know that he only swims, eats, and sleeps?
That’s sooo sexy!
No brokeback.

More like grown men who love each other like brothers and can say so without “No homo”
But if they are gay, I ain’t got much to say
I’m not sinless, so I ain’t trippin’, we aren’t so different
It’s just that I’ve been redeemed

Still create for love’s sake
They say it’s hard work, but it’s the heart’s greatest art work
So sexy’s expressed from the inside out.

Sometimes it’s a loving rebuke or a friend that ain’t afraid to say that you’re acting stupid

It’s the beauty of poetry and speaking life to people who need it

And changing destinies:

Making people stand to their feet, take their circumstances by the collar and make them opportunities!

Sexy is taking all the evil things people call you as compliments and using the rocks they’ve thrown to build mansions
It’s unplanned and unwanted babies growing up to change the world saying, “God don’t make mistakes!”
The apex of sexy is in scars that bring healing
Like the holes in the palms of a sinless King who would hang on a tree for the sake of His enemies
Like ladies with hair made gray with wisdom who’ve learned to love the body that God has given them
Betcha they know that charm is deceptive, and beauty fades, but a woman who fears the LORD is sexy and will be praised!

5 responses to “Sexy.

  1. I love and appreciate this one more every time I hear it. I(And have deemed it your theme poem just btw. Since it’s the one I’ve heard performed by far the most). I still remember the firs time I clicked on your Facebook link to read this one too….

    I was like SEXY!?! That is NOT a common word to be coming from a man of God’s lips (or finger tips) …. I clicked on it to see what the heck was going on here. & about midway through I was just smiling to myself like “Of Course.” (I think there was a photo of a girl on this post at one time too… but I could be fabricating that lol); in any case I was wildly pleased that what I received was not in the least, what I had seemingly perceived at that first glance. After encountering this, how could “sexy” mean ANYTHING else? Why didn’t I know that’s what it meant before? Anyway… I’m just rambling now. Tonight was AMAZING Michael. I CANNOT WAIT to go back to Lionlike Mindstate! Everyone in the room had something to offer and blew my mind with the power of their expression. God is Great! Good night :)

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