Getting to the Heart of an Artist

Every artist secretly wants to be appreciated for what they do. The complicated thing about that is that, sometimes, it’s hard for us to accept general compliments because we’re looking for something specific. (Sorry! We’re perfectionists to some degree! That’s why you enjoy our art in the first place!) Now, there are a number of these specific things and honestly, it varies somewhat from person to person, but I just want to give one tonight. Why? Because I happened to get it in a compliment tonight:

“You made me remember how fun it is to play with words! It reminded me of when I was a kid”

Artists are messengers by virtue of the fact that art speaks. (And that God speaks through art [which makes them prophets to some degree!{More on that some other time!}]) And so, there are a lot of things that we try to spend our time communicating, meaning that there are a lot of different things that people can pull from what we say, even things that we never intended. And beyond that, the medium itself is a message, and inherently says things that many people will inadvertently overlook.

Being a poet means a couple of things about me automatically, perhaps the most obvious truth is that I love words! Every poet has the capacity to love them for entirely different reasons, but rest assured that because I’m a poet, I love them. The man who gave me that compliment spoke straight to that reason! Words are so much fun to play with! I love the sounds! I love the texture of them on my tongue, I love the pictures they conjure up, I love the emotions they remind us of, I love the truths they reveal, I love how much they say about their user and how strongly they move us! They are so much fun to me! I play with words, that’s what I do, that’s part of the reason I write, heck that’s the reason I talk like I do! I want to find the perfect word to express every event, feeling, thought, idea, occasion. That’s why I write and that’s what I want people to see. I want to share that passion for words with them!

I feel like I got to tonight. Even if no one else could understand at that level, he did, and that was enough! As important as it is for me to have people care about what I say, there is something in me deeply fulfilled that he could relate to the way I love words. Mission accomplished. As important as it is to spread all of these other thoughts, opinions, truths, and treasures, it’s still important that I can show people how beautiful poetry is. And help them to love it well too.

It’s easy to get people passionate about what you’re saying, it’s hard to get people passionate about the heartbeat of your art form. It’s such a blessing to be able to do both!

3 responses to “Getting to the Heart of an Artist

  1. Every time I read something you’ve written, or listen to you speak I want to draw! I want to draw things that I know I don’t even have the ability to do justice to. I want to draw even when it’s 2am and I should be sleeping right now and it’s dark and I really do need to be asleep… YOU make me want to spend more time wearing my artist hat. An often forgotten hat resting in a corner… I switch hats so fast; from day to day and task to task, but that one is neglected, not quite practical enough I suppose… I occasionally take a feather from that cap and stick it on another. Give my straight laced life some flair, maybe doodle on some school work. But every time I come in contact with your mind I yearn for that hat in the corner! Sometimes I can’t reach it though, like tonight as sleep stands in my way and forbids me to see that hat. But YOU make that forgotten hat call out to me.

    (And I have to find a way to get to that hat in the next week so that I’ll have something to bring to The Dial next weekend, since SOMEBODY used his beautiful words to compel others to obligate me :p And though I didn’t want you to, and give you grief for it, I appreciate it. That you find value in my art at all, that you are confident enough in your appraisal that you would assert it in public, and that you know me better than my protests and understand that I want people to see it. I’m just afraid. You took fear out of the equation for me here. It is still present of course, but I can’t use it to avoid laying my art bare before strangers’ eyes; not this time at least. I hope you will accompany me and help me when this fear hits its zenith.)

    ALL that being said, I like your post; I understand it, and you, and I’m glad someone was able to give you such a compliment and grasp your art on a deeper level. Luv ya Michael :)

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