We are Outliers. (And Not in a Good Way.)

Two weeks back I was talking about how what we perceive to be normal is very different from what Jesus perceives to be normal. Yesterday I stumbled onto this video and heard the exact same sentiments echoed here. As I’ve been living in Lake Elsinore over the last few years, I’ve heard it said that what I’m doing is very weird. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to explain the Lakeside house’s vision only to receive blank stares in return. I also can’t tell you how often I explain it and people completely understand only to say,

“Wow, do you get any personal space?” or

“Wow, that’s crazy! I couldn’t handle that.”


Secondly, IT ISN’T WEIRD! It may seem weird to you, but it makes complete sense when you line it up with what’s in my Bible, and that’s why we’re doing it.

A lot of these people are Christians too. You’ve probably heard it a million times now, but we live so much like our culture. Francis Chan is right. We don’t think we’re weird at all, because it’s just what we’re used too. If you told someone 100 years ago that the people of today would spend the majority of their free time staring at a big screen that translates signals and radio waves into images, people would think you’re a nutjob! If you told people in 1990 that they would have telephones without wires that would not only receive phone calls nearly anywhere, but allow them to get access to the internet, listen to music, play games, give them directions, and buy tickets to sporting events and concerts, they wouldn’t believe you! We don’t realize how weird we are!

We wear colorful, flashy, and gaudy clothing, listen to music completely composed on computers without human or natural sounds, travel hundreds of miles a day, have conversations with people thousands of miles away consistently, follow the minute details of the lives of people we’ll never meet. We’re so weird! That’s why thinking biblically is so important for us. We need to align ourselves with the values and standards that the Bible sets.

It makes me angry to think that I can’t remember the last time I heard a Christian return an insult with a blessing, including myself.

The New Testament alone talks about this a lot! It’s just what Christians do. Jesus commanded it, Paul’s ministry was full of it and he encouraged believers to do the same, Peter agreed and demonstrated it several times in scripture– Yet, all I can think of is how well I’ve learned to insult people. I rarely ever start it, but I can return one ferociously. I’ve been working at insulting people well for my entire life and it comes so quickly that I don’t even realize I did it sometimes… That’s exactly the opposite of what I’m called to do. I always hear Christians talking badly about other Christians and I see people who love Jesus get insulted and turn around and lash out. As Francis Chan famously quoted in a sermon titled “Jesus: More Than A Savior”:

I understand that we’re only human, but we still have to be honest with the fact that in on this point, our Bible disagrees with us. As far as Christians go, we are outliers. And that is not something to be proud of.

Those who say they live in God should live their lives as Jesus did. 1 John 2:6

Any thoughts?

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