Practicing What I Preach

Last Sunday, God gave me the opportunity to preach a couple of sermons on the theme of finding “Water in the Wilderness” and how everything we need comes from God, and how He puts us through occasional seasons of “wilderness” where we realize that He’s the only thing we have. Both sermons went well, but I’m learning that God doesn’t esteem a man for the sermons he preaches. He esteems a man for the sermons he lives. Immediately after preaching that sermon, I went through the hardest work week of my life. I worked 60 hours this week and slept for about 18, and at multiple points every day, I found myself thinking that all the money in the world wasn’t worth being so tired. Over and over I wished for sleep, but every time I did, I remembered my sermon and how Β instead of longing for rest and food, I longed instead for God and more of His spirit for strength and rest, turning all of that dissatisfaction into heartfelt prayers and making this week the closest week I’ve had to Him in a long time. This poem commemorates that:

Been training my mind to appreciate the beauty in chaos

You can’t always take a few moments away so you’ve got to embrace peace in whatever place it may be.

Christ didn’t die for you to retreat whenever you’re searching for something

He has everything you need exactly where you’re at.

Christ gives rest, sleep doesn’t.

Christ brings security, money doesn’t.

I know this personally,

I’ve been preaching it to myself all week.

4 responses to “Practicing What I Preach

  1. Yes, I can relate! Usually when I write some deep truth, it is then tested. I have to “preach to myself” often, and ironically I get convicted by my own words. It’s encouraging though that we are all on a journey and just because we speak or write something, doesn’t mean we’ve got it down completely. Thanks for sharing.

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