A Glimpse at Forever

Yesterday morning, I was driving to church in Temecula reflecting on the fact that I haven’t felt so much like a poet recently. I don’t know if its been due to fasting, a slight ebb in my relationship with God, a general lack of creativity, or some other phenomenon, but my writing has been infrequent, uninspired, and mostly forced. Until last night.

I had just made it back home when I walked in and realized that I hadn’t prepared a poem for our service this week! You see, in our new church’s pursuit to combine the old and new, poetry has been a powerful tool for making sure our services stay fresh, and offer an essential perspective of whatever the week’s theme is. This week was focused on the Tabernacle built by Israel in Exodus 40.

I strongly believe that the following poem is the result of the Spirit of God suddenly empowering me to write for about 30 minutes and immediately performing it. Because honestly, I know very little about the Tabernacle, and I’d never thought about it like this until I started writing. Crazy, right? I hope you enjoy it!

Its that second where everything falls into place
And that mess becomes blessed
That split-second of time where the planets are perfectly aligned and you get that glimpse of what could have been, or better yet, whats to come!
Its been some journey, but its time and all the doubts subside as they give way to the divine!
You’ve seen it!
The first time mom or pops let go of that bike and you didn’t eat concrete
Or that moment you realized you were standing before your future wife
Or when a child’s eyes light up after seeing the surprise they’ve waited all year for
Or knowing that your child is finally here after 9 months of wearing all that extra weight
Holding him in your arms like “I swear you were just heavier!”
Like rain falling into the sea
Its where heaven and earth seem to meet temporarily
If you’ve felt one of these, you know the beauty of the Tabernacle.
Its only a shadow, but one day we’ll see the actual thing
And not just for a second’s glimpse,
For all of eternity.


Any thoughts?

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