3 Questions to Ask Yourself This Christmas Season

There were only a couple people in scripture who approached Jesus to give Him something with no intention of receiving anything in return, this is one of them.

On Tuesday nights, there’s a Bible study at a cozy, yet high-end coffee shop right down the street from our house that I enjoy attending. It’s led by a personable, honest, bald, and bespectacled man with an affinity for things that nerds like. His name (or what we call him at least) is Buzzy. Week after week, whether there are a couple people or a crowd of 30, he leads us through scripture and sparks meaningful discussion as we explore whatever concept or theme God has given Him for the week. This week was slightly different. There was less talking as he let our time together rest on 3 main questions. He spent a few minutes speaking and reading scripture building up to each one and gave us the span of a couple Christmas songs by our musician and songwriter extraordinaire, also named Michael to ponder them, and a couple minutes afterward to share if we so desired. I’d like to do the same thing here. Below each of the 3 questions below, I’ve selected a couple pieces of music to both allow you time to think, and create a pensive environment for you to really search your mind. Take as much time as you need, but really answer the question. If you’d like, you can share your answers in the comment section!

1) When Jesus was born, several peopleย traveledย considerable distances to give him gifts. If Jesus was here in the flesh right now, what gift would you give Him?

2) If Jesus was physically here with you, what would you ask Him for?

3) If Jesus was standing or sitting beside you, what would you thank Him for?

2 responses to “3 Questions to Ask Yourself This Christmas Season

  1. You’re totally right! That’s how the lesson was summed up, we can do those things today because He is here.Thanks for your response! Here are my answers:

    1) I would give Him my time. Let Him set my schedule for me. That’s the part of my life I compromise with the most. I’d let Him tell me how each day should be spent and adhere to it the best I could.

    2) I would ask for all of my loved ones to know Him. I wish that there were some way I could exert enough influence to cause them all to give their lives to Him. It sounds kind of bad, but that’s just where my heart is right now…

    3) I would thank Him for really giving me strength in my weakness. I’ve been chasing strength my entire life, but it’s only after hitting some hard lows over this last year that I’ve begun to understand that I’m not strong. Even more than that, I never have more strength than in the moments where my little bit has been used up. It’s a tremendously freeing realization.

    Of course, all of things are things we should be saying to Him now, so I’m going to start.

  2. Whatever our answers may be, I’m sure it can be the same as Jesus not being here with us physically. But to personally answer:

    1. I would give Jesus ALL of me. I can honestly say I’ve been holding back many things that has created distance between us lately. Mainly because I’m in a really dark place in life.With him being here, faith would increase dramatically.

    2. I would ask Jesus if he would spend a day alone with me. It may sound selfish, but that’s my answer. I just want to be there and converse with him, touch him, spend all day soaking him up.

    3. I would thank Him for the showing me all that causes me to run to Him. Those seemingly small things….the simple things. Moments of hurt and pain. Great moments as well, for they all point to him, creating this beautiful picture of which we now live and hope for.

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