Be [a] Present.

When Jesus said that it’s better to give than to receive I don’t think He meant gifts.

He was often on the receiving end of presents like with the ones the wise men brought and the crying woman with the alabaster box

And honestly, getting presents rocks!

Spending money on ungrateful people ain’t fun.

I think the only thing Jesus truly gave was his presence

There were miracles wherever he’d go:

First, the virgin birth and ending with the Ascension

And everything in between was showing what love means

I say this because the time I’ve been giving to my friends as a gift is blessing me

Best thing I’ve ever received on Christmas Day is exactly what I’m giving away

I think that Jesus would say the same

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t buy presents, but don’t use them as an excuse not to be present

You’re worth more than any wealth you’ve spent

Don’t keep the best gift to yourself!

2 responses to “Be [a] Present.

  1. Look up the Hey Arnold Christmas…what she did at the end. That is the true meaning of love and of christmas. And I don’t think she kept the best to herself. She gave…anonymously :-)

    • I love Hey Arnold and that is one of my favorite episodes! What she did was certainly remarkable, especially considering her character during the rest of the time, but I think that most people aren’t going to gift people anonymously especially to the degree that she did! And even more than that, she didn’t give her presence, but she certainly gave the Hyunhs each others’ presence!

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