5 Reasons to Strive for Excellence

I’m just getting started, sorry I can’t let up.

Even if I could, I wouldn’t cause it’s a set up.

I’ve been working harder than I’ve ever needed to in my life recently. Not just because I have 4 jobs, actually, that has very little to do with it. It’s not about how many hours I’m working, how many people I’m helping, how much I have to do, or anything like that. Why am I working so hard then? Here are 5 reasons:

1) I want to have exceptional character. The most important thing about a man is his character. A man who is strong and compassionate, wise and gentle, or hard-working and humble does not simply appear. Those qualities are forged into him through years of work and sacrifice. Unless I spend my days doing the things that will sear it into me, it will never come.

2) I want to exert a life-changing influence on people. If we are not living to impact other people’s lives, we need to ask ourselves why the hell we’re living. I can have all the character in the world and never touch a single person with it. Every day, we have hundreds and thousands of messages thrown at us, attempting to make us choose one thing over another, some good, some bad. If any of us is to leave a lasting mark on anyone’s life we can’t be just another voice squabbling to be heard. We have to speak and live lovingly and with excellence.

3) There are people with twisted motives and messages that are better than me. “Evil men prosper when good men do nothing.” If men who are selfish, arrogant, disrespectful, cruel, and concerned with only winning are consistently better than men who are the opposite, then what reason are we giving people to emulate us? I believe that it is well possible to be of strong moral fiber and be successful, and I want my life to prove it.

4) This is war. Even if we are at the top of the heap, the fact is that this isn’t a game. These are people’s lives, people’s eternities. We can’t waste a second being lazy when there is so much at stake! If it’s at all possible that I can love people, help them, guide them, pour into them in such a way that I can change their lives, then nothing should take precedence over it! It doesn’t matter if I’ve touched more lives than anyone else in the world if there are still more to touch! It’s not about being the best, it’s about doing everything in your power.

5) You are excellent. Psalms 139:14 says that we are “remarkably and wonderfully made,” if so, why should we not spend our lives doing remarkable and wonderful things? We have no excuse because we already are. Sometimes, we just need to be it.

5) God expects your best. In Matthew 5:48 Jesus says, “Be perfect, as I am perfect.” Does that mean that we’re all going to hell because we aren’t perfect? (Well, actually it would if He didn’t die on the cross to make us perfect but that’s for another time) This is Reason #5, redrafted for all of you who know that Jesus is your Savior. God is using everything that happens in our lives to make us perfect! When He died on the cross and we accepted His forgiveness, we were made positionally perfect, this is called justification. Now, it is our job (as well as the Holy Spirit’s within us) to act more and more perfectly, this is called sanctification. You were made excellently, you’ve been made perfect, you’re being made perfect, and one day you will be perfect. Not only does God expect it from you, He is doing it for you. Don’t fight Him.

Any thoughts?

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