Strange Fruit

I’ve never seen anything so strange
He couldn’t hide the pride in his eyes or his sharp intellect and yet, there he was dressed in a rag jacket laughing with a group of homeless men like he was one of them
I can’t say that I get that
Like a doctor crying with the survivors every time he admits that he couldn’t save the life
Or a cop weeping cause he shot a thief, what an odd thing
Like the time I went to a funeral where everyone danced while they cried
I’ve never seen anything so wild
As when I made a boy give back the lunch he robbed and the other one said he could have it all
I can’t say I’ll ever fathom why
He called her a slut, then she hugged him, she said he just needed love
And me, He gave me the death sentence then took it Himself
It still doesn’t make any sense
Said it’s cause He loves us
But I’m confused, cause we don’t love Him
She was abused by her brother
Still says she loves him
Like free men choosing to be slaves, not cause they’re crazy
Just wanna be all things to all men so some can be saved.
It’s amazing, we produce such strange fruit.

Any thoughts?

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