Hero Syndrome (False Gods)

I hate how celebrities try to play God constantly reinventing themselves to stay in the public eye as if attention equals life

They know that they are dying inside and want you and I to supply the adoration that keeps them from slipping over the precipice to collide with the rocks below as if gods die without our praise like Santa Clause will one day as Zeus did when we ceased to believe in his deity

What kind of world is this where immortals die without our help?

We really believe we are gods.

That’s why we say that Yahweh is dead and yet MJ still lives


We are gods and the world NEEDS us!

Africans will die unless we enslave them, place them on ships and save them from the Motherland where Ghana cannot protect itself from KonyΒ so we must butt inΒ uninvited only because let’s be real, they’re not as strong or smart as us

Vietnam is a better place now, right? We lost the war, but it’s just the beginning of our fight to save the world, even if we don’t know all the facts and don’t understand the context, we have good intentions

I’m told they pave the road to hell, and I can already smell the burning flesh


But I can’t be angry, I’ve wanted to be God since I was a kid, it started somewhere after I was picked on, you can only fear for your life for so long before you start trying to make yourself strong. So strong they couldn’t hurt you anymore, so strong that you could hurt them back, and bear the burden of keeping them from hurting other people, it seemed good, but it was evil to its deepest layer. I didn’t care so much as I decided that the world wasn’t fair and I would fix it, it’s a thin line between hero and villain and I’m still searching for it.


I think I’ve gotta do everything, that if I rest, the world will fall apart while I sleep, that if I leave other people will need me to be there for them, that if I don’t speak, that someone else will miss something important, but it’s not true, I do all of this because I need all of you for validation. Like the celebrities and the slave traders, Imperialist nations and uninvited saviors. We are not God, but we desperately want to be.


The system is failing and we need a real one quick, but we still don’t get it.

Good thing He came to save us anyway.


Any thoughts?

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