Flight to Freedom

I’ve spent what seems like lifetimes trying to find some kind of freedom
Maybe like most kids my age
Trying to lose ourselves in music, art, and even rage
It feels so good to be angry!
But tell me, what’s really changing?

Lately they tell me to see how carefree the birds can be
To watch how they come and go as they please with no one to tell them what to do or how to live
To listen to that song they sing even when they’re all alone, writing poems on silent waves of the wind
They say “Strive for the feeling of the air beneath each wing, rely on no one’s strength but your own”
There’s no such thing as free til you’re strong

But they HAVE to be wrong!

I think I’ve seen it before
Freedom lies in flying Vs migrating south across entire continents
Where each bird learning to lead and falling back when he thinks he can’t keep going
To ride on the drafts of the rest of the team
I’ve heard it in each squawk erupting from deep within lungs heaving from weeks of flight

“Keep going! You can make it! We believe in you! Don’t quit on us! We’re gonna make it together!”
Far beyond the point that they would’ve fainted alone.

Freedom’s heart beats strong through their labored breathing.
Liberty for the huddled weak.
I’ve seen it!

So now I’m learning to strive for the feeling of family, for their wings beating around me, lifting me from my weakness, keeping me straight when I start to drift the wrong way,
I’ve learned to retreat into their care when I need rest, to speak kindly and frequent because someone else may need it,
This story is not about me
I couldn’t have come this far without a community

I’ve found freedom.

And it ain’t nothing like most people think
It ain’t easy and sometimes hurts like hell
But you’re doing well to be bound by it
Light as feathers, heavy as the weight of glory
Overwhelming peace watching Earth pass away and Heaven overtake it.
Where pain and beauty mix, the possibilities are endless.

We’re dandelions, each dying in light winds
So embrace me tightly, hold my hand like our lives are slowly slipping away, like our group of saints is the only strength you have. Do it like you really believe it’s true.

Freedom’s coming like a freight train. I hope you ain’t scared of pain, it’s just the price we gotta pay, so let’s Al Green and stay together.


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