It’s the Little Things…

I’ve been more intentional about praying for people recently, even stopping to pray for people as I see them on my timeline or news feed, especially people who post things that annoy me! I try to put myself in their minds and understand where they’re coming from and why they’d post what they did. I ask myself what ways they need prayer that may not even recognize. It helps me love them better honestly, well understand them anyway. When you understand someone, you automatically start to appreciate them more. This has become really important for my spiritual growth. Little thingsΒ matter.


I got myself a gym membership recently and I’m trying to work out between 3 and 4 times a week. I love it! My brother and a couple of my friends are doing it too and it’s been a good way to keep up with each other, share some extra laughs, and keep each other honest about matters in and outside of the gym. Β Not only are we getting physically stronger, building a stronger bond with each other, we’re building character and learning wisdom too. Little things like this pay off long-term.


While at the gym the other night, my brother and I ran into some old family friends. Two brothers that we had known since I was in middle school because we played basketball on several YMCA teams that my dad coached. We laughed about how the little brothers had caught up to him in height, and how my little brother is stronger than me, and how our families miss each other. They told us that their dad talks about us all the time, about our dad , and how he used to pray before and after every practice and game, and about how it’s difficult to find people like that nowadays. Apparently, little things like that make all the difference.


I’m going through the Every Young Man’s Battle study again with a group of guys I know from various places and I’m learning how to take better control of my lust. There have been many cases of inappropriate things happening with teachers and students all over the country recently and as someone who has a lot of contact with youth, I always find myself thinking about how grown men and women find themselves in these obviously ill-befitting situations. I’m learning that much of it is due to little lustful thoughts and feelings going unchecked and unexpressed. In time all the shirts, shoes, and socks you come home and throw on the floor will become a huge mess if it isn’t picked up (sorta like my room haha). Little things add up quickly because it’s so easy not to notice them.


I hope I never forget the importance of little things.

Any thoughts?

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