This is one of my favorite poems. I don’t remember what inspired it and I don’t know where I got the vision for it (except Proverbs 31) but it’s one of the few poems I’ve written “perfectly” the first time, and even now, years later, there’s not a single word of it I’d change.

P.S. Check the alliteration!


Whirlwinds wickedly whip with weapon-like wrath

Wondrously, her calculating countenance concedes no contour of cowardice

Contesting the effectiveness of the electrical eddy enveloping everything

Elegantly displaying a deep-rooted determination to deliver daunting decisions devoid of dread, dooming darkness to decadence

Dutifully, she cradles a crying child, casually creating a climate of contentment

Continual fire-eyed faith freely flows full of finesse, formally fixing a feast for the fallen to feed on and flourish

Forever seeking her savior, a sure source of splendid strength


Her appearance is beyond that of beauty

Her love is the epitome of prosperity

Truly, her character gives her worth above rubies



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