The Strength and Allure of Honesty

There is something profound about the moment when a person you admire gets down to your level and opens themselves up to you. Whether it’s being a child and listening to your mother tell you that she gets scared sometimes, hearing your pastor admit that he sometimes has a quick temper, or watching a celebrity you respect saying that they struggle with self-confidence, it can have a powerful effect.

That’s actually why I can relate to this poem so much. Anis is all at once a brilliant poet, an idealistic mystic, and an average guy. A guy who still hasn’t completely figured out what it means to be a man and is still searching for God; a man who wants to see everything as it really is, a man who sees in more tones than most of us are aware of. All at once, he’s somewhat far beyond us but still right next to us, trying to find the same things we are. That’s something we all want to feel as people. No matter how great any we look up to is, they are still a human being and though part of us likes to forget, it’s essential that we know that we are capable of as much magnificence as they are. The people who look up to us need to know the same thing too.

I don’t mean to boast, but I’ve been taking special care to be transparent in my personal interactions lately and it’s been incredible. I’m often astounded at how strongly people respond to that type of thing. Whether it’s being honest about my writing struggles or my failing with my purity, my honesty has been encouraging and empowering people. Even more than that, it’s been changing me.

As I’ve been sharing, I’ve been getting help, I’ve been finding answers. People have been encouraging me, they’ve been sharing themselves with me, admitting that they have some of the same questions and issues. We’ve been working through things together, holding each other accountable, challenging each other, even competing to see who can do better or last longer. Admitting my weaknesses is making me better.

It’s like going to the gym, I’ve learned recently that my left arm isΒ a lot stronger than my right arm, so when I bench press my right arm gets tired way before my left one and it severely hampers my ability to finish well. I never knew that, I always assumed (like everyone else probably) that there wasn’t such a big difference between the two. But now that I know, I spend extra time working on that arm, it’ll be just as strong as my other one soon! [read: In a few months maybe lol]

You’ve got to admit your weakness before you can make significant growth towards strength. Honesty is essential, for you, for them, for all of us.

Any thoughts?

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