How to Enjoy Evil

Listener discretion STRONGLY advised. [Thanks to Rap Genius for the lyrics!]

[Intro] It’s a mad world out here, I tell you The world’s gone stark, raving mad Everyone in the world is mad It’s a mad crazy world [Hook] I see diamond-flooded demons Lamborghini angels Lamborghini angels Lamborghini angels Halos down with the doors flapping when they came through Halos down with the doors flapping when they came through [Verse 1] With a circle on the floor he compels them to be pure Pulls the beast out of his heart then impales it on a sword Writes a prayer on some paper and then he nails it to the door Just the good of you may enter by the mercy of the lord Listen not to what he speaks, that’s been the cursing of his cause A seduction of his senses by the devils he adores The unholy has him hostage and his soul is now at war Follow not his secret knowledge it will bring you no reward Shun him while in public disallow him from your stores Have no part in his affairs ‘less his pestilence be yours Make scoundrels of the righteous and virgins into whores But we must still pray that his colour will be cured [Hook] [Verse 2] With her eyes to the ceiling and a needle in her brain He looks back into the crowd, wipes the blood and then explains How she slipped from this existence to the realm of the deranged Her becoming must be halted to reverse what she became From the looseness of her tongue, to the pollution of her aims To do nothing is barbaric, the solution is humane You must destroy the mind and hopefully retrain You torture out the wildness, then replace it with the tame Blank slate when she recovers, she won’t even know her name Perfect wife and perfect lover, no resistance, no complaints May God bless the scientific cure for the insane Knew she couldn’t go to school, but she thought that that should change [Hook] [Verse 3] With his crucifix inside his pocket said his mission is divine Put his Bible on the bed and then he touched on his behind Told him take off all his clothes and put your penis next to mine Now the little boy think it’s normal because they do this all the time With no life inside his body now he finally think he’s safe But they cut off all his fingers while they piss all in his face He take pictures with his killers then they sneak back to the states Now he sit next to the picture of his wife when she was raped With the teleprompter rolling he looks right into the lens Doesn’t mention his redemption but absolves him of his sins He forgives them in advance says that he will do again [John F. Kennedy] My fellow Americans… [Hook]

Downright destructive, isn’t it?  Haunting. Vivid. Urgent. Compelling. Crucial. I couldn’t come up with accurate words fast enough. This song is phenomenally written. Lupe Fiasco is brilliant, there’s no way around it. His intelligence consistently shines through brightly in his music but I’d argue that even more impressive than that, is his devotion to telling the truth, no matter how appalling, inconvenient, or unpopular it may be. That’s certainly what lends this song its force. To be honest, this actually excites me. The more raw and unabashedly straightforward the truth comes, the more I delight in it. The first several times I listened to this song, I was more and more entranced by it. I was on a high all by myself while playing this song on repeat while fixing my car in my dad’s garage, laughing aloud, rewinding, holding my mouth in my hands in shock over what I was hearing, blissfully awash in the brutal images of twisted men and corruption (yeah, I’m one of those crazies!) When I woke up this morning, I began the process all over again. Drawing joy from the hideous truth being openly displayed. Without warning though, something changed. Suddenly my eyes started burning and tearing up. My vision blurred and I starting rubbing at them furiously. “What’s going on?” I didn’t understand at first, but it assembled itself before me within seconds. I was crying. Well, not quite, but I was starting to. What was I crying for? Instantly I knew. This song is evil. The images it conjures are horrible. The people and events it mentions are sickening. The whole thing is horrifying, in a good way. It isn’t just a catchy song, it isn’t just a bold declaration of truth that meant to be simply exalted or celebrated, it’s the type of truth that should inspire us to sit down and weep. It’s a revelation of how revolting our world is. An opportunity to sit down and take a good look at our own lives, how all of this has affected us and how much or little we’ve done to change it. These are real stories, these are people’s lives. As dope as this song is, it’s just a focused picture of our reality, a microscopic look at our society, our world. Yes, we should definitely celebrate such an accurate, honest, and well-painted account of our world, I agree. But then we should weep because such a trite picture is actually one of ourselves. But then, we should stand up and start repairing it. We have that power. Especially the church, so hideously exposed. We all have difficult, heart and back-breaking work ahead of us, but it is not without hope.

Sorrow is better than laughter, for by sadness of face the heart is made glad. Ecclesiastes 7:3 Those who sow in tears     shall reap with shouts of joy! He who goes out weeping,     bearing the seed for sowing, shall come home with shouts of joy,     bringing his sheaves with him. Psalms 126:5-6

Any thoughts?

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