What We All Need

You have such beautiful broken windows

Your perpetual sunset shines

off the wet shards spectacularly;

You say you don’t cry anymore

But hard water-stained brick walls

draw the pictures your lips won’t

Graffitti-covered concrete

guards your heart

hoping to distract from the shattered glass and it actually works


People say you stand solid as a statue, that you move mountains with words,

and the wildfire inside you inspires them,

You look just like me.


That’s why


I can’t save you.

Maybe my large frame can bear a little more than yours, but we’re still the same

My planks are rotting

My floorboards creak

And the termites keep biting holes in my walls,


I need help.


They tell me search for God

I hear that He can solve all our problems

Wash away the sawdust,

repair our raw hearts

But we’ve gotta walk together.

I can’t save you or make you save yourself,

Hell, I can’t even save me,

Though there’s still hope for us both

You should come along, IΒ need you

My lone pair of arms can’t row for too long

Already wind battered and weak

We need each other.

Come with me.

One response to “What We All Need

  1. Now it really is on your blog lol… can’t believe I got so mixed up. Glad you figured it out for me though!

    & as you already know, I love this one. One of my favorites. I love the sounds, love the emotion, love the raw qualities and desperation in your voice and body when you perform it, love the acknowledgement of universal brokenness & the hope it gives in combined strength to carry on following after God.

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