Branded [Regal.]

The next time someone tells you that you’re worthless,

That you’ll never matter to anyone

When your lover leaves you

When your parents turn their backs on you

And your best friends don’t want to talk to you

Let it burn

Let the pain sink in deep

Let it cook like an oven inside of you

Let the blood leak freely

Take it on your finger and taste it

Let the bitterness find rest on your tongue

Let it mix with your tears

Swallow, then stand.

May your heart remember its ache

The pit of your stomach reflect upon the flames that licked it like the pit of hell

As the scars fade, may the lessons remain

Wear them like crowns with pride, signs of nobility

I sometimes wonder

Who am I that God would write His love right into my pain?

Call it beauty marks, branding, tattoos, or carvings

I only see His name

I am forever His,

Marked Divine.

Any thoughts?

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