365 poems. #1 and #2

#1 [Embarrassing.]
I want to write poems to your eyes
To describe the way they give me more strength than sleep.
I want to tell stories of how I’ve yearned my entire life for your arms,
Why I will never find my home beyond them
until heaven swiftly comes to meet us.
When I meditate on virtues and beauty,
My thoughts always run to you
and I want to draw what my heart feels in those moments.
I’d create and display it all, except
It’s embarrassing to admit that
I’ve come too close to call myself a watcher any longer.
You’ve lured me from my comfort zone and made me okay with it.

#2 [Sacrifices.]
I don’t doubt that we are all making sacrifices
But I don’t think we are all being respected;
This is the 3rd consecutive week you’re taking the only evening I’ve asked to keep.
Some things are outside of our control,
I know.
Still, please don’t take my sacrifice so lightly.

Any thoughts?

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