#8 First Day Back

Each day, I say “Good morning” to you
Because I see it glowing in your faces
Even when your eyes are only half-open
And your words are the “Walking Dead”.

I feel the same as you look.
Somehow, breaks are never really breaks when you get to be my age
Up late every night and still awake around 5AM
I pray you learn from my mistakes,

but you won’t.

At least,
I don’t expect you to.
You’re each eager to make your own.
I ain’t afraid of that;
We’ve all gotta learn.
I’ll be here to watch,
Sometimes pain is the best teacher
Either way,
I’ll be here to see you to the end of it.
Each day I say “Good morning” to you
Cause I can see the glow in your eyes
Even when your face tries to hide it
It’ll always be a good day
Because I get to watch you grow wise

I’ve got the best job in the world.

Any thoughts?

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