#11 [First Month of a Marathon.]

I’ve been so afraid of drowning in you
That these deep breaths you’ve taught me involuntarily
scare me.
I’ve fought against these chains for so long
I’m shocked I’ve become so free!
In one month:
I’ve learned to drink deeply from the unceasing oceans in your eyes.
I’ve internalized your cadence so strongly my heartbeat writes it on silence.
You’ve built a home for me in those arms;
I never thought my wanderlust would so easily leave me…

I’ve explored each of your mountains of wisdom and your transparent brooks
Each of your facial expressions speak books,
Look at the worlds you create!

I’m steady trying to find every face of this diamond
and at the same time,
Trying to relax and enjoy every second of our time
Striving not to parade desire like a torch fire;
And though we both know I don’t always meet that goal,
You show me grace.
Remind me that this ain’t a 100 yard race
And that tripping don’t disqualify when you’re running for miles.
I’ll just say I’m grateful you’ve chosen
To go the distanceβ€”
With me.
Happy 1-month anniversary, Eboni.


Photo taken by John Cuyugan

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