#14 Soul Sketches #1: Jeremiah, [The Weeping Prophet]

I’ve been trying to write lines that illustrate people but until recently, I haven’t really succeeded. This is my first complete Soul Sketch about a good friend of mine:

His words strike me like hot irons,

“I think you’ll be a much better man when you can focus on a plan.”

Few people speak to me so boldly.
He knows me.
Says exactly what I need to hear.

We always talk about life when we’re together
He has these eyes that see things lacking
I swear that he must’ve known everything intimately before Adam and Eve caused the world to become flawed

He runs human diagnostics and sees soul sicknesses before they physically manifest
He speaks to things we can’t quite see, so no one believes him;
A prophet without honor

I’ve watched him turn out right too many times though

He and I used to talk about life when we got together.
Now I mostly try to listen;
I don’t have enough friends with this kind of wisdom.

Any thoughts?

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