#15 The Weight of Trust

Even though
I’ve known you long enough to fall in love
With the way you are so wise and dignified:
Living it beside you has become some kind of adventure.

I never imagined that knights might someday find queens
Willing to lie down their rights and walk beside them.
I know very little of the things that make a good king except
That he is worthy of being sacrificed for.
I don’t know how you intend to make me yours,
But I’m honored that you would place your trust into these large hands
Blood-stained by wars and sword training

Though it’s evident that I know precious little about etiquette
I pray my discipline and devotion will prove to be worth its volume in oceans.

I’ll lay down my life without thinking twice
Every time the need arises.

You’re safe here,

Place your hopes in my hands;
They’ve been trained to hold such great weights.

They’ll be safe here,

As long as these hands have born great weights;
You’ve no reason to be afraid.

Any thoughts?

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