#28 Facebook Sestina One

I challenged facebook to give me 6 words to write a poem with earlier and they gave me transformation, satisfaction, Steelers, Conscious, tortures, and death. I used them in a poem form called a sestina, here is the result, notice any patterns?

We are awed by Transformation
It brings us Satisfaction
To see a team like the Steelers
Become Conscious
Of how much it Tortures
Us to see playoff dreams meet Death

But what is Death
Except Transformation
From a world of Torture
To one of complete Satisfaction
As long as we are Conscious
Of the destroyers, killers, and Stealers

The King of Stealers
Entices us towards Death
Without us being Conscious
Of our slow Transformation
Into devils as we chase fake Satisfaction
That’s true Torture

Inside our minds we Torture
Ourselves pretending we’re Steelers
When we’ll never know the Satisfaction
Of beating Death’s
Football team or seeing Transformation
So conspicuous it knocks us Conscious

We think we’re Conscious
Till we live through the Torture
And awaken to Transformation
Rebuilt like automobiles built by Steelers
We don’t need to fear Death
If we live our lives for true Satisfaction

The meaning of GOD is true Satisfaction
Ask Him to make you Conscious
Life is hard before Death
But die without Him, it’s Torture
I don’t trip on Broncos, Bills, or Steelers
Since my Transformation

There’s some satisfaction in torture
My noodle conscious I’m turning stronger than Steelers
Death will solidify my ethereal transformation

Any thoughts?

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