#29 Facebook Sestina Two

A poem written around the second set of six words my Facebook friends offered me.

Love, Marriage, Truth, Fetching, Incandescent, and Ministry.

We don’t believe in Love
Or trust Marriage
We don’t want Truth
Lies are much more Fetching
Our hearts burn Incandescent
With hope and fear, we value Ministry

Religion, peace, and war Ministries
Claim ownership of Love
We reach for the stars, Incandescent
Our ideas are the only things we see fit for Marriage
People aren’t so Fetching
You can’t control them like Truth

We use Truth
Like tools, that is the goal of most Ministry
We sell facts for the highest price they’ll Fetch
If we sell what you Love
You’ll skip commitment, Marriage
Kills Incandescence

We don’t know Incandescence
It is stoked by ruth
It takes honesty to succeed in Marriage
That’s why we need Ministry
Give us Love
If you want to be Fetching

We are not light up toys for Fetching
We are not here to entertain you with our Incandescence
We know that Love
Is the supreme Truth
We were told by many Ministries
If only one would show it beyond Marriage

The idea of Marriage
Would be a lot more Fetching
If we could see its Ministry
Shine with Incandescent,
Christ-like Truth
And sacrificial Love

We would treasure marriage with the Sun’s incandescence
Find ourselves more Fetching than the feet that bring glad truth
Ministry is our only hope of knowing God’s love

Any thoughts?

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