#41 The Long Day Is Over

Creating is exhausting
I’ve watered seeds of wisdom and watch them begin to take root
Grew a sense of pride into high school students
Gave each person I was meeting a piece of my strength
In eye contact, hugs, and handshakes

I can see that we all need it.

I’ve talked myself towards stronger self-esteem
Trying to teach my eyes to see me how God does,
But eternity is too large an ocean for these eyes to drink
Still, He’s training them because one day they will
We will beat our weapons into art and plowshares
Watch children leading lions and sheep completely carelessly
Watch our tears weave themselves into joy we’ve never beheld
Each sacrifice I make today will be repaid one hundred fold one day
So I’m living with anticipation
Forever is a short time away
I’ll be waiting.

Any thoughts?

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