#43 Be Still.

I’m way behind on these blog posts. I know that. I’ll be catching up this week. There’s just been so much going on… One of those goings on was hitting another car Sunday when they pulled out in front of me and stopped in the middle of the road on Sunday, causing me to clip the back of their car.

They were at fault, so they’ll be paying for my car repair, but I haven’t been comfortable driving my car for fear of being pulled over because of the damage to my headlight and turning signal, so after getting estimates for repairs over the last couple of days, I’m waiting to hear back from the man paying so I can start the repairs and get my car back because I miss my freedom. I’m becoming very anxious.

I’m anxious because all of a sudden, I’m not in control anymore. Well, I feel like I’m not in control anymore, because I never was. It’s just more obvious now. I heard God speaking to me about it this afternoon though:

I am in control, just like I always am.

It didn’t necessarily make me feel warm and fuzzy, but it reminded me that I need to chill because He’s doing this all for a good reason, and that’s good enough.

Any thoughts?

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