#52 I’m the problem.

Whatever it is inside of me that is okay with letting people
step on me,
treat me rudely,
hurt me purposefully,
And continually come to me trying to get something,
needs to make them work a little harder;
Instill a little ardor in them.

The part of me that is perfectly okay with
giving my free time away,
neglecting to rest,
ignoring my own needs,
forgetting to eat,
and wanting to quit believing in myself
needs to go to hell.

I’m not okay with treating myself this way anymore.

3 responses to “#52 I’m the problem.

  1. We have these pieces
    and they are the only ones we will ever have
    The Lord knows where to place us
    yet sometimes we try to make ourselves fit
    My pieces are broken, they don’t always slide into place
    I try to fit in spite of the discomfort
    yet when I stop, let go and let God move me
    I find peace.
    You are valued, loved and worthy of being invested in
    do not let your loving nature be hardened because others don’t respect the soft spots of your heart.
    Colossians (read it, believe it, mostly pray it)
    Here if you need coffee and prayer
    -Ms. Shae’Von

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