#54 “F” for Effort

I never understood why people were okay with failing PE when I was in school. Every PE Teacher I had said the same thing throughout the year,

“Your grade is based upon your effort.”

“Nobody who tries fails my PE Class.”

“Your PE grade is purely participation.”

Blah, blah, blah, you get it.


Now, I have a middle school PE class of my own. Any guesses at how I grade them?

“You’ll be fine as long as you’re trying.”

“Your PE grade is just participation, all you have to do is participate.”

“As long as I see you showing effort, you’ll get an A.”

Blah, blah, blah.


And guess what? There are STILL kids failing the class! That confounded me until this afternoon:

I walked into my parents’ house after work, when my dad told me that there were breadsticks in the refrigerator. (One of the main reasons I go to my parents’ house is free food lol) So you can imagine my frustration when I skimmed through the refrigerator and there were no breadsticks. Just before I went to leave the fridge, I stooped down and took a look at the bread rack. Guess what I saw sitting on top of everything else at the back? Yup, breadsticks. I know for a fact that I wouldn’t have seen them if I hadn’t known that there were supposed to be breadsticks in there.

I don’t put enough effort into things either. That’s why I can’t always see what I’m looking for.

How many times have I been in a situation where I can’t see the way out, so I just give up? How often is it that I resign to accepting the worst-case scenario, when the outcome has yet to be decided? Just a week ago, I had already accepted that I was going to lose my license after getting in an accident a few days after my insurance expired. Now, I have a rental car at the expense of the other guy’s insurance and am waiting on a check from them to cover my car’s damages. Plain and simple, I had given up without effort. I’m fortunate that success wasn’t dependent upon my diligence there, even if my kids in PE aren’t as fortunate.

Maybe seeing how we are similar will help me relate to them, so that they can begin to see and succeed too.

Any thoughts?

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