#58 Broken Promises

What started as an everyday writing commitment has turned into a desire to “write when I actually get around to it”. I’m not sure how I feel about that…

After neglecting to return his phone calls for two weeks, I told a friend that I’d give him a call after work today. When I got off of work, I went to return my rental car, went to Walmart, looked at some parts for my car, dropped it off at my parents’s house, and fell asleep for four hours, woke up for dinner, washed dishes, and helped my parents move some furniture before coming home and climbing in bed before realizing that I never called him. Well, I guess I left some things out: I read the new chapter of the Bleach manga, posted two pictures to Facebook/ Instagram, watched an episode of The Cosby Show at dinner and watched a movie called Black Roots as I washed dishes and helped my parents.
Obviously, I’m capable of multi-tasking, I’m just bad at prioritizing, I suppose. Anyway, that was another broken commitment.

Three months ago, I told the internet that I wasn’t going to kiss my girlfriend, and despite all of the bravado, I broke that commitment a couple weeks ago and now I’m breaking it regularly. I don’t feel like I’ve let anybody down or like I’m doing something terrible, but I just know that I made another commitment I failed to keep. (I’ll be devoting a post to the issue soon, look out for it)

I’m sorry if I’ve made a commitment to you that I didn’t keep, I really am. You aren’t the only person I’ve hurt that way. I take full responsibility for my lapse and I am working at becoming more dependable.

I’ve read somewhere that men are supposed to make bold promises and deliver on them.

But I’ve also read that wisdom is making small promises and over-delivering on them.

And that the only promise I should ever make is never to promise anything because I can’t even guarantee that I’ll wake up in the morning.

It has also been said that all a man has is his word…

One way or the other, I need to reevaluate the way I make promises. Either way it goes, I know what type of man I want to be:

Lord, who can dwell in Your tent? Who can live on Your holy mountain? The one who lives honestly, practices righteousness, and acknowledges the truth in his heart — who does not slander with his tongue, who does not harm his friend or discredit his neighbor, who despises the one rejected by the Lord but honors those who fear the Lord , who keeps his word whatever the cost, who does not lend his money at interest or take a bribe against the innocent — the one who does these things will never be moved. (Psalms 15 HCSB)

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