#59 Shut Up and Submit

I always have a damn answer for everything. If someone asks me a one word question, I have an extensive answer to offer, if they point out an alternate way of doing something, I tell them why I do it the way I already do, if they point out a quality I have, I show them the reasoning behind my actions.

I’m starting to realize that no one cares about that crap. Sometimes I need to shut my mouth and listen, accept, shape up, submit, and just let it be. It’s okay to be wrong, it’s okay to have a different approach, to disagree, not understand, or whatever; just try to see things differently, Michael. Leave your presuppositions at the door. Quit trying to be right, accepted, or understood, there is a time and place for that. Learn instead to let other people be right, accept what they’re saying without arguing, try your best to understand them and their viewpoint completely.

Kill that pride.

Be a man.

Any thoughts?

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