#65 And so another quest begins…

The first thing I wanted to do when I signed off of my social media accounts today was go and tweet about how weird it was to be unplugged already. (Wow, I’m pretty bad, aren’t I?)

I instantly felt alone. Feels like I’m leaving everybody to go take some grand trip all by myself. Feels a bit like a video game. Feels like I’m starting the journey I always imagined I’d take. Weird, isn’t it? More and more I find that God mostly answers my prayers in ways I don’t expect. Nonetheless, I’m excited. Things are changing.

I’m moving back home soon, I think. (I haven’t told anyone yet. Nope, not even my parents lol.) I moved to Lake Elsinore the week before my 21st birthday and as I near my 25th, I’ve been catching the sense that it’s time to move on. I’ve grown tremendously here and I’m overwhelmingly grateful for the lessons and experiences I’ve had here. I’m going to miss it something fierce, Murrieta just isn’t the same… God is calling me though, things that are better still lie ahead.

I applied for Riverside Community College next semester and am waiting for a registration date now. I have to clear my Gen Ed here before I can start pursuing my major, so I’m finally gonna finish what I started so I can teach already. If there’s anything I’ve learned from my job over these last two years, it’s that I’m made for this. That, and I’m never gonna be able to support myself making what I’m making now. Only one way to change that; a degree.

And as if I didn’t already have enough transition going on, my girlfriend broke up with me this week. Yeah, I’m sorta bummed. Yeah, I was pretty hurt for a minute, but this is good. This is for my good. We had been moving too fast and she realized that the only way to slow down was to break it off. She’s apparently a lot smarter than me (which is exactly why I love her!). She might have saved us both. She admitted that she had some growing to do and sort of forced me to admit the same, so we’re friends. God is not done writing our stories. Whether or not we ever end up back together again, everything will work out perfectly. Until then, there is not a moment of these last four months that I regret. (except for a couple where I said stupid stuff and made her angry!) They were some of the best days and months of my life. I look forward to the better things that lie ahead of me.

Anyway, I’ve said too much already. I need to hit the gym (did I mention that I started going again last week?) so I can get home and rest. Love you guys. I hope you enjoy following my journey and that you’re enjoying your own!

Any thoughts?

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