#68 All I Have.

Lesson #1 “When you know what is right, do it immediately.” — Wes Bentley, Far Reaching Ministries

Lesson #2 That’s all you can do.

My WordPress app deleted two of my blog posts this week, the first happened right after it posted, the second, as I was trying to save it before posting it. Gone, as if they were never there to begin with. I lost about 2 1/2 hours between them which is almost infuriating. Still, I push on.

I spent the last three days chaperoning middle school students on an island, came home exhausted then drove to Pomona to my usual open mic, Lionlike Mind State. I’m currently typing this from a random Pomona parking lot a few minutes before midnight because it has to be done before I lose this magic.

Part of me wants to cry because of how far I have to drive home tonight, how many hours of sleep I’ll get by the time I get there, how long tomorrow will be on top of it, and how tired I already am to begin with. The other part of me though, has brought my paltry strength and effort to God and found some drive in the precious people of Pomona tonight. God has loved me extravagantly through them.

From one of the co-hosts, to the guest poet, to a guy I don’t even know, God spoke my language tonight. Some of it was as blatant as the specific words they were saying and some of it was simply subtle visions I saw as everything transpired. I couldn’t even say what because I can’t easily transcribe the significance of it all. I left very weary and very hopeful. I did all I could and it wasn’t enough, but God multiplies my little to supply His lot. Whether I succeed or all my effort is deleted, all I have to give is my all, God can do the rest.

Any thoughts?

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