Worlds Closer

Any average person will tell you we all share the same world,
Each nation under the same constellations
One Sun
to provide life,
But that’s just what things look like;

Any intellectual will tell you that the universe is functionally endless
And if we were given an infinite amount of time to try and unwind its mysteries,
We’d never find it’s end.
Any intellectual will tell you,
its design
does not surpass the vastness of our minds
As similar as we are, you and I are still worlds apart.

Your eyes are shimmering oceans while mine are sunrays breaking rainclouds
My towers are your doorways;

And I’ve always looked up to you.

For your hearts are giants.
Wait for hands large enough to hold them gently
And eyes wise to find forever in your smile,
Find someone who reminds you of your oceans while you’re crying them

I really hope you know, you are so sexy!
And I don’t even mean it like that:

I say the same thing to passing butterflies and when I compliment mountainsides.
In my world, sexy means you inspire awe
That the deep in me calls to yours
That I’m starting to see you for all you are;
That in all our differences, we are the same.

Yahweh scooped us up from dust,
exhaled life and grinned;
We make Him glad.
You make God happy,
If that ain’t sexy, I don’t know what is!
I’ll bet you start to see that word that way!

See how we can influence unity?
We can change the way we see one word at a time,
Why don’t you share your life with me?

Whether we are Picasso, Ferraris, or Für Elise,
Each of us is a masterpiece.
And since sunsets, sculptures, and songs don’t speak the same language,
Someone invented speech
So we can build bridges between each of our worlds
We can still move worlds closer.
As different as our lives may be,

We still share the same stars
Each nation beneath the same constellations and
One Sun
lights the sky
We are not alone here
Sometimes, we just need to hear it.
But then again, any average person will tell you that.

Any thoughts?

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