Wild as the Wind

She speaks like silence is full-bodied and unashamed of its thickness
And moves as if we invented symphonies simply to explain her
She even stirs the trees!
They swoon as she passes through

She’s fair enough to launch a thousand ships and strong enough to sink them
She may be full of hot air but don’t dare speak it,
Raise her temper and she’s bound to start a storm

There’s no way to hold her, just let her be and if you find yourself all alone outside she might just find you quiet and keep you company

Most people take her at face value,
Call her syncopated song chaotic because it can’t be conquered
But like all passionate women, she has her own sense of rythm
So there’s no winning unless you go with her
Wild as the wind ain’t exaggeratin’
Just let her be who she is.
Hang your chimes and build mills high as you dare
And without a care, she’ll share
Everything that makes her sexy and strong will always be for your benefit and goals—
There is no owning her.
Only reverence and synergy will reveal her “inner-me”
Like all passionate women.

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