A God Bigger Than Buildings and Books.

Sunday morning, I was in a worship service joyfully singing about an incredible God who “placed the stars in the sky and knows them by name” but by Wednesday afternoon, I realized that I didn’t really know sh*t about what I was singing about Sunday.
Spending three days actually observing those stars and galaxies through telescopes and facts and photos was extremely eye-opening. Seeing a nebula in the sky on a clear night, learning about the calculations that predicted the existence of black holes, the mathematics that showed the locations of stars, moons, and planets before we could even see them, and coming to an inkling of an understanding of how massive and incredibly unknowable the universe is (even light, which is the fastest thing we know of by an incredible margin, has to hurtle through near-perfect silence and darkness for over 2 million years to reach our nearest neighboring galaxy) taught me how ignorant I really am about who God is and how limited my scope of understanding Him has really been.

If God really created something so unimaginably brilliant and wonderful and unsearchably vast, what is there left to be said of who He is, all by Himself? A lot of people say things that lead us to believe that everything we need to know understand about God is in the Bible or can be learned at church, but this trip taught me something quite jarring: 25 years of church, two complete readings of the Bible, and a thriving relationship with Christ did not teach me about God what two days in a forest on a mountaintop did.

I wonder what math has to say about who God is? What do music and music theory teach us about the divine? Chemistry? Biology? The humanities? What about art and culture? I have a feeling that we’re missing a lot and that it is very much available to us.


Any thoughts?

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