#28 Facebook Sestina One

I challenged facebook to give me 6 words to write a poem with earlier and they gave me transformation, satisfaction, Steelers, Conscious, tortures, and death. I used them in a poem form called a sestina, here is the result, notice any patterns?
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#27 I can see why you don’t like me.

Since we’re being honest,
I sorta ignored your call…
It’s not like I dislike you.
I just get tied up trying to be there for everyone
Beside trying to live my own life
I’m sorry.

If you hate me,
I don’t blame you.

I see flaws from yards away
And I just might call them
Call me arrogant
I’m not scared of it
And ain’t afraid to offend you

I will tell you the truth.

Even if you feel it’s too good for you
You’re worth it.
Even if it hurts you,
I won’t apologize
My love opens eyes
If you don’t like it, that’s fine.
Talk behind my back, I get that.

.I know these things.

I know I don’t make gameplans
I fly by the seat of my pants so often I wear them out
Forever need a new pair of jeans,
Socks, and shoes
I rock them holey like it’s new
They say I should be embarassed
I’m just comfortable being transparent

I procrastinate
I’m always 10 minutes late
I hate to be told I’m wrong
If I walk by you without saying hi, it’s not because I don’t like you,
Just got a lot on my mind
I don’t talk enough and then say too much
And everybody knows my business.
I find virtue in curse words
I love people but they’re ugly
I contradict on purpose,
because no one is perfect,
I serve people because I believe it’s the role of a king and my low self-esteem won’t let me be okay thinking I’m above people for too long
I wouldn’t call that real humility,
But I’m learning how to deal with me.

I can see why you might not like me,
I’m young, dumb, stubborn, and sometimes unreliable,
And that’s alright by me.
I can’t erase my flaws,
But by God’s grace,
I’ve learned to embrace them all.

#25 God Opposes the Proud

When I’m really honest with myself, I fall a lot. Hard. I mean, I’ve accomplished a lot and I’ve come far in the last couple years of my life, but I always seem to find myself back at square one somehow. Same place different day, after day, after day, after day. Sometimes it seems like something is very subtlely holding me back… I think I see what.

#23 “Sing About Me, I’m Dying of Thirst”

There’s lots of vulgar language over this 12 minutes of music, but between Kendrick’s bitter, desperate, vengeful, and dismal, yet undeniably compelling stories of young people grappling with life and death, searching for significance and coping with pain; and his own admission that we are all depraved [dying of thirst], we have one of the most potent and meaningful pieces of hip hop music released in quite some time. Throw in an enigmatic and resolute old lady in the last couple minutes of the track leading some would-be murderers through a prayer of salvation and things get a lot more interesting. This track needs not only to be experienced, but firmly understood and applied to our own lives. Continue reading

#20 [All Things New.]

I have made myself a fornicator:

Called my body my own
And did with it as I wished;

I have been forgetful.
I forgot the Master that crafted it
I forgot the price paid
I am not cheap.

I’ve forgotten these things.

He commands that my body be a living sacrifice
Kenshin is to devote or give life
I’m shamed by my own name…
Tenrai reminds me that God writes,
Not I
That’s why
I’m a King.
Though my slave chains have been broken for years
I’m sometimes still trying to find them
I like them.
I like to pretend they were made for me
That these hands and feet can’t change their fate
That it’s okay to fall in the same traps different ways

It’s progress, right?

Like walking backwards is moving forward

Who are we fooling?

Each of us is playing the same game
We flirt with flames
Afraid to walk away,
To pay for the better way.
We lust for easy.

I understand,
It’s me too.

You are brave.
Courageous, strong, smart, and well on your way to success
Fix your eyes on your treasure,
Don’t look right or left
Chase that greatness.
It seems small
But God is making

Even you.

No matter how much things seem a mess,
This’ll be for the best,
Keep pressing.
You are blessed to be injured in the name of righteousness
Embrace the pain.
Let it train your mind to find the way that’s true
Let eagle’s wings sprout from your spine;
It’s time you learn to fly

Let your hammering heartbeat
Orchestrate victories,
Let each deep breath be a fanfare,
Your feet stepping forward at the tempo of sixteenth notes.
May your body morph into symphonies of purity and justice
May the strength of holiness crown your head
And may each temptation that stands to face you be naught but grains of sand before your windstorms.

May we be grains of sand before your windstorms.

Live your life with the might to blow us away.
And when that dust fades, nothing will be the same.
Everything is becoming new.

#17 We are [not] cheap.

Sometimes love means someone looking you in the face and telling you that you’re worth more than what you’re selling for and then paying the higher price. Not only have I dramatically underestimated my own worth, but I’ve not always been willing to pay the higher price for others. I am deeply humbled and honored by this knowledge. Today, I get to be a better man than I’ve been.