Beer over Wine.

“Throughout the later 20th century, wine makers have done a fantastic job of convincing people that wine is the complex, sophisticated drink for erudite people with discerning taste – and during that same time period beer marketeers have done just the opposite for their product. It turns out that these marketeers did all of us a great disservice.”

“Beer can be many things; from thirst quenching, sprightly and light to complex, full and contemplative – and everything between. Beer in all its complexity is blossoming to its full expression.”

“Those of you familiar with wine terms will recognize some of these terms, but you will also quickly realize that many of these can not be applied to wines. This is because as good as wine may be, wine just does not have the same breadth of flavors and aromas that beer does.”

slightly Buttery
and Complex
Crisp and Edgy
Expansive and Expressive
Firm with Finesse
Fresh, Luscious
with Rich Overtones
and Smooth Textures

This is me.
A beer in a society convinced that wine is the pinnacle.
Judged because I prefer jeans to slacks. Because my jazz
and hip-hop and rock mesh.
Because the Christianity I see biblically condemns capitalism and condones cursing. Because I believe courage is the highest virtue, while niceness is a vice,
and well-placed anger is righteous.
I exist in the tension between murder and taking life.
My feeling is poetry should work on pages, stages, and beats,
and some graffiti deserves galleries.

I know Christian culture ain’t always right
and European tradition shouldn’t be seen as king. I know most nobles wear name tags, yet remain nameless; always asking how they can help, never asked if they are well.

The Kingdom of God belongs to these.

I know that racism is wired into the fiber of our society.
I know I am often racist
elitist towards my own people
I look down on those who don’t understand as much as me.

I love beauty too much and value tact too little
and know
Passion and patience make ticking time bombs of men,
of which I am the least…
I am too many things, and oftentimes too much, but that’s okay, they say good brews take time.

A God Bigger Than Buildings and Books.

Sunday morning, I was in a worship service joyfully singing about an incredible God who “placed the stars in the sky and knows them by name” but by Wednesday afternoon, I realized that I didn’t really know sh*t about what I was singing about Sunday. Continue reading

Boundless. [Be Humble.]


Our impudence is limitless; standing at the shores of the infinite attempting to catch it in split-second images, like God can be fully understood by reading a book.

Sometimes we think that by reading a Bible, studying philosophy or theology, and memorizing a scripture or quote will give us full knowledge of God or the universe, but common sense should tell us to be more humble because even if the infinite could be contained, there’d not be such an easy way to explain it.

Gain knowledge, become wise, but know that living what you have learned is far more important. Once you try that, you realize that it’s all more complex than you than you first thought, and that you don’t really understand it after all.

Worlds Closer

Any average person will tell you we all share the same world,
Each nation under the same constellations
One Sun
to provide life,
But that’s just what things look like;

Any intellectual will tell you that the universe is functionally endless
And if we were given an infinite amount of time to try and unwind its mysteries,
We’d never find it’s end.
Any intellectual will tell you,
its design
does not surpass the vastness of our minds
As similar as we are, you and I are still worlds apart.

Your eyes are shimmering oceans while mine are sunrays breaking rainclouds
My towers are your doorways;

And I’ve always looked up to you.

For your hearts are giants.
Wait for hands large enough to hold them gently
And eyes wise to find forever in your smile,
Find someone who reminds you of your oceans while you’re crying them

I really hope you know, you are so sexy!
And I don’t even mean it like that:

I say the same thing to passing butterflies and when I compliment mountainsides.
In my world, sexy means you inspire awe
That the deep in me calls to yours
That I’m starting to see you for all you are;
That in all our differences, we are the same.

Yahweh scooped us up from dust,
exhaled life and grinned;
We make Him glad.
You make God happy,
If that ain’t sexy, I don’t know what is!
I’ll bet you start to see that word that way!

See how we can influence unity?
We can change the way we see one word at a time,
Why don’t you share your life with me?

Whether we are Picasso, Ferraris, or Für Elise,
Each of us is a masterpiece.
And since sunsets, sculptures, and songs don’t speak the same language,
Someone invented speech
So we can build bridges between each of our worlds
We can still move worlds closer.
As different as our lives may be,

We still share the same stars
Each nation beneath the same constellations and
One Sun
lights the sky
We are not alone here
Sometimes, we just need to hear it.
But then again, any average person will tell you that.

#69 Revenge.

This study I’m doing, Breaking Free, is continuing to show me a lot about myself. In fact, it made me very angry this last week. I spent a couple hours writing a blog about what I’d learned and this silly app deleted it. *sigh* I would’ve left it alone, but sitting through the actual class brought it all back up and had me cooking again, so I started writing again, this time, I got a poem out of it. It’ll take a few months for it to work itself completely out, but I thought I’d at least share the first half of what I’ve written so far. Right now, it’s name is Revenge. It’s pretty damn personal, so read at your own risk. Continue reading

#64 You are [not] Forsaken

Slow death by silence.
Suffocated by unspoken sentences.
Some serpents strike subtly.
Still, soldiers don’t stop seeking Savior’s strength;
It’s significance surges under siege.

Scars sing slights stirring suspicion
Soul shudders slowly succumbing;
Still, soldiers don’t stop seeking Savior’s strength;
It’s significance surges under siege.

Shouts of success soon to sound;
Supremacy secure since start.
Stand strong.