#30 [Beautiful.]

These days are scenic breezes
Blow right past me as my eyes fix themselves in the distance
Still, I feel it all and can’t call it what it is:

Waiting ain’t ever changing nothing.

Sick of wishing I was elsewhere

This is beautiful.

I repeat it till I believe it
I see it, but being here is something different
They say spectators don’t really understand,
I’m starting to agree
This game ain’t the same as it looks
Still there’s something to be said for playing…
For the strain of pouring yourself out
Discovering parts of me I’ve never known about
Winning and losing become unimportant
There’s no room for waste
I’m being recreated in stages.
As afraid as I am,
I’m amazed.

This is all so beautiful!

#21 Crucified, then Praised [King.]

I’ve written 4 poems over the last day, and nothing quite sums up my feelings as I like, so I’ll simply say it straight.

Martin Luther King Jr. was an intensely polarizing figure in his day and we’ve forgotten that. Continue reading

#20 [All Things New.]

I have made myself a fornicator:

Called my body my own
And did with it as I wished;

I have been forgetful.
I forgot the Master that crafted it
I forgot the price paid
I am not cheap.

I’ve forgotten these things.

He commands that my body be a living sacrifice
Kenshin is to devote or give life
I’m shamed by my own name…
Tenrai reminds me that God writes,
Not I
That’s why
I’m a King.
Though my slave chains have been broken for years
I’m sometimes still trying to find them
I like them.
I like to pretend they were made for me
That these hands and feet can’t change their fate
That it’s okay to fall in the same traps different ways

It’s progress, right?

Like walking backwards is moving forward

Who are we fooling?

Each of us is playing the same game
We flirt with flames
Afraid to walk away,
To pay for the better way.
We lust for easy.

I understand,
It’s me too.

You are brave.
Courageous, strong, smart, and well on your way to success
Fix your eyes on your treasure,
Don’t look right or left
Chase that greatness.
It seems small
But God is making

Even you.

No matter how much things seem a mess,
This’ll be for the best,
Keep pressing.
You are blessed to be injured in the name of righteousness
Embrace the pain.
Let it train your mind to find the way that’s true
Let eagle’s wings sprout from your spine;
It’s time you learn to fly

Let your hammering heartbeat
Orchestrate victories,
Let each deep breath be a fanfare,
Your feet stepping forward at the tempo of sixteenth notes.
May your body morph into symphonies of purity and justice
May the strength of holiness crown your head
And may each temptation that stands to face you be naught but grains of sand before your windstorms.

May we be grains of sand before your windstorms.

Live your life with the might to blow us away.
And when that dust fades, nothing will be the same.
Everything is becoming new.

#19 Together, We Ride!

I’ve heard him tell tons of stories before, but not like this
He has a keen eye and quick wit, and a sense of humor to deliver it,
Even seeing irony unfolding right before him
Seeing him behind the Eucharist only intensified it
Yet, somehow the man I knew wasn’t there
Instead the Bible was alive before me
There was no Jamal, the Ethiopian Eunuch stood instead
And Phillip stood before us in the same person
And somehow God stood before us all
Jesus had jumped in our chariot and started to teach us,
Saying we should do the same.

#18 M.G. Perkins

What a terrifying, yet beautiful and necessary thing it is to have an older man look you in the face
expose your weakness
and nurture you to life.

If enough people say you’re wise, you really begin to believe it,
Forget that you’re only 20-something and still learning,
That you don’t have to be so serious,
That there’s no need pretending you’re holding everything together,
Or that anyone does.

“Man, please. His life is a train wreck just like yours.”

That losing things is okay, and that anything we give up will be restored ten-fold.
It takes a man who lived through a divorce,
stage 4 cancer,
and losing a 6 figure salary saying

“I lost everything and it was the best time of my life.”

To make you understand that you can live past this moment.
The only thing between you and growth is knowing this:

There is beauty waiting to be born from your brokenness.

If you don’t eventually lose your
They will eventually lose you.
There’s only one thing we should completely put our hope in:

“I lost everything and it was the best time of my life. I was finally open to hearing God.”

I’ve got all I need.
I’ve just gotta keep listening.