#27 I can see why you don’t like me.

Since we’re being honest,
I sorta ignored your call…
It’s not like I dislike you.
I just get tied up trying to be there for everyone
Beside trying to live my own life
I’m sorry.

If you hate me,
I don’t blame you.

I see flaws from yards away
And I just might call them
Call me arrogant
I’m not scared of it
And ain’t afraid to offend you

I will tell you the truth.

Even if you feel it’s too good for you
You’re worth it.
Even if it hurts you,
I won’t apologize
My love opens eyes
If you don’t like it, that’s fine.
Talk behind my back, I get that.

.I know these things.

I know I don’t make gameplans
I fly by the seat of my pants so often I wear them out
Forever need a new pair of jeans,
Socks, and shoes
I rock them holey like it’s new
They say I should be embarassed
I’m just comfortable being transparent

I procrastinate
I’m always 10 minutes late
I hate to be told I’m wrong
If I walk by you without saying hi, it’s not because I don’t like you,
Just got a lot on my mind
I don’t talk enough and then say too much
And everybody knows my business.
I find virtue in curse words
I love people but they’re ugly
I contradict on purpose,
because no one is perfect,
I serve people because I believe it’s the role of a king and my low self-esteem won’t let me be okay thinking I’m above people for too long
I wouldn’t call that real humility,
But I’m learning how to deal with me.

I can see why you might not like me,
I’m young, dumb, stubborn, and sometimes unreliable,
And that’s alright by me.
I can’t erase my flaws,
But by God’s grace,
I’ve learned to embrace them all.

#12 To the Pentecostal church that had a 5 hour service last night:

Even though you’ve lied to me,
Twisted several scriptures,
Attempted to manipulate me,
Take my money, and
Shame me into believing your BS:

I think you sincerely care about those orphans
And God stirred me deeply as we worshipped

You aren’t all bad.
You can’t have me, but I’ll pray for you
I’m jacked-up too,
I hope we’re both better by the next time we’re together.

I wish things were so simple, Miss Ling…

“Pray Away the Gay?” eh? Wouldn’t life be nice if I could rid myself from anything undesirable by simply praying earnestly enough and believing that God was just gonna do it? Continue reading